John Lesson 1 Day 2

John Lesson 1 Day 2

John Lesson 1 Day 2 Study of John 1:1-5 3.  John 1:1 Jesus (Yeshua) existed and is an equal member of the triune God. It was in the beginning — “In the beginning, the Word was existing.” (Wuest expanded translation) The word was with God — “…the Word was in fellowship with God the Father” (Wuest expanded […]

Are Biblical Prophecies fulfilled More than Once?

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While studying the book of Revelation for the past nine months, I felt that much of the prophecy warned of events that have already been fulfilled— The Kingdom of God established The temple in Jerusalem destroyed (Read an eyewitness account here.) The Fall of the Roman Empire The destruction of the temple in Jerusalem in 70 […]

Revelation Lesson 29 Day 4 Invitation,invitation

The Invitation Revelation Lesson 29 Day 4 Revelation 22:17-21  9. A. Details of the invitation: You are cordially invited to attend the Marriage of the Lamb & His Bride From: The Holy Spirit and the Bride (The Church, Believers) The ones who hear (and obey) the Spirit and the Bride join in saying, “Come”. To: The […]