Life of Moses Lesson 26 Day 3 Deut 4-11

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Deuteronomy 4-11 Deut 4-11 5.  a.  God is— the Lord of lords. like none other. great. mighty. awesome. a worker of miracles, signs, and wonders. faithful. covenant keeper. long-suffering. loving. jealous. all-powerful. ever-present. creator. merciful. steadfast. strong. all-knowing. ready, willing, and able to prosper His people. deliverer. holy. wise. mighty to save. eternal. over all creation. […]

Life of Moses Lesson 26 Day 2 Deut 1-3


Deuteronomy 1-3 Deut 1-3  3.  Moses’ first address to Israel before his death— The five first verses of this chapter contain the introduction to the rest of the book: they do not appear to be the work of Moses, but were added probably either by Joshua or Ezra. Adam Clarke’s Commentary. Why—Moses carefully explained the Lord’s instructions. When—1st […]

Life of Moses Lesson 25 Day 5 Numbers 31-36


Numbers 31-36 9.  a.  Brief background of the Midianites— The Midianites were descendants of Abraham’s fourth son. Genesis 25:2 “They were virtually the rulers of Arabia, being the dominant tribe.” Easton’s Illustrated Dictionary Joseph’s brothers sold him to a caravan of Midianites. Genesis 37:27, 38 Moses married, Zipporah, the daughter of a Midianite priest, and lived in Midian for […]

Life of Moses Lesson 25 Day 4 Numbers 28-30

Burnt offering

Numbers 28-30 7.  a.  The restatement of and additions to the daily, weekly (Sabbath), monthly, Passover, etc. offerings had several purposes— Things that are important are often repeated as reminders and for emphasis. This new generation may not have heard all the details taught recently or ever. Perhaps some or many of the sacrifices were neglected due to travel, […]

Life of Moses Lesson 25 Day 3 Numbers 27:12-23


Numbers 27:12–23 5.  God tells Moses it’s time to die. Joshua chosen to lead Israel in his place. a.  Evidence of God’s grace toward Moses— God continued to give him breath for forty years after Moses failed to demonstrate His holiness to the people at the waters of Meribah. Numbers 27:14 Moses wasn’t just alive and breathing. He climbed […]