40 Days for Life

The campaign of prayer and fasting continues through November 2nd.

Wednesday, September 24, simultaneous 40 Days for Life campaigns begin in 179 cities in 47 American states, two Canadian provinces, the District of Columbia and American Samoa.

40 Days for LifeThe kickoff of this 40 Days for Life campaign marks the beginning of the largest and longest coordinated pro-life mobilization in history.

While there is much excitement and enthusiasm about the many good things God may provide as a result of this fall’s efforts, an important question we all have to ask ourselves on the eve of this campaign is: “What am I prepared to give?”

The Scripture verse most often cited in relation to 40 Days for Life offers a classic if/then statement. IF we humble ourselves and pray, God tells us in 2 Chronicles 7:14, THEN He will hear from Heaven and heal our land.

There is a reward, but there is also a price. If we focus on the reward, but neglect to pay the price… well, in the end there is no reward.

God has promised to heal our land, but FIRST we must humble ourselves and pray.

That is the primary focus of 40 Days for Life—prayer, coupled with fasting.

Prayer, because with God all things are possible. And fasting because Scripture tells us that some demons can only be driven out through prayer AND fasting.

Prayer and fasting can be humbling experiences—especially prayer offered in a public location such as the sidewalk on a busy street in front of an abortion facility.

But it’s worth it!

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One thought on “40 Days for Life

  1. My church in Erie, PA begins 40 days of prayer and fasting with a kickoff prayer service this evening. I believe it is urgent that we pray for our nation and the upcoming elections – may be the last chance to outlaw abortion and keep from socialism. We also need to pray for wisdom for our government leaders for the economy. We also need to pray against terrorism. Please note the urgent call to prayer to stop possible impending terrorist attack – see: