Dream: Blow a Trumpet in Zion

I had this dream in July of 1993. I can still replay it in my mind.

The pastor of the church I attended was preparing for work.

But he was walking around aimlessly. Procrastinating, it seemed.

He ignored or was oblivious to the tangible sense of urgency I felt.

On the floor, conspicuously situated, sat a silver trumpet in an open case.

As I observed his aimless activity, I thought, “why doesn’t he just go ahead and blow the trumpet!?”

I offered to help him find whatever he needed to get ready.

He was unaware of my presence.

So, I assembled the trumpet.

I set out his briefcase, keys, etc.

He continued to walk around aimlessly.

My take-away at the time—

Don’t wait until you get everything just right. And don’t procrastinate.

Just do it!

When I awakened, the song based on Joel 2 was playing on my internal prophetic radio (as I heard someone call it):

They run on the city

They run on the wall,

For great is the army that carries out His word.

Blow a trumpet in Zion, Zion,

Sound the alarm on my holy mountain,

Blow a trumpet in Zion, Zion,

Sound the alarm.


This morning as I reread the page from my old journal, I looked up the passage in Joel 2.

The trumpet didn’t represent a signal to charge the enemy. Nor did it signal victory.

It was a sound of impending judgment and doom.

“This was a convergence of four plagues. Any one of them would be terrible, but the combination of all four would be catastrophic.” Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.

In the season that followed,

  • That pastor’s wife ran off with her boss to another state, leaving him and their four children behind.
  • The pastor’s indiscretions with several women in the church later came to light.
  • The church fired the youth pastor for other reasons. His similar indiscretions later came to light.
  • Another ministry took over the church, ran off the few members who remained, and eventually tore down the building.

I totally missed the warning aspect of this dream. I thought it meant something good. Or perhaps it was an opportunity for victory and not disaster.

I’ve learned how vulnerable we are.

Even when things are going well. Exceptionally well.

And when things go terribly wrong.

Have you had a similar dream? Any thoughts on what I’m missing?

Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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