BSF Genesis Lesson 29 Day 3

5. a. Thirty three people went to Egypt with Jacob. **UPDATE:** I blew this one. I think I got my answer from Genesis 46:15 which is only Leah’s sons and daughters. The class’ consensus on the correct answer is 70 taken from Genesis 46:27.

b. Jacob and his family’s names are recorded so the lineage of the nation of Israel and ultimately the lineage of the Messiah could be traced.

c. Our names and deeds are written in books kept in heaven.

6. a. Jacob’s family was relatively small in number, so they were vulnerable to being assimilated into the people and culture of Canaan.

b. Since “all shepherds are detestable to Egyptians” (Genesis 46:34), by settling in Goshen, the Israelites would be separated from the other inhabitants in the best part of the land. God provided a dwelling place for their discipline and multiplication. 430 years later, He led them out as a nation of more than a million strong.

7. Pharaoh…

  • recognized Joseph’s gift and wisdom by putting him in charge
  • recommended Joseph bring his family to Egypt
  • offered Joseph’s family the best of the land
  • offered wagons to the journey easier on the little ones and wives
  • told them not to worry about bringing their belongings – all they needed would be provided
  • showed interest when he inquired about the brother’s profession
  • requested that one of the brothers with special ability look after his own flocks
  • asked Jacob his age


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