BSF Genesis Lesson 29 Day 4

8. a. In Genesis 46:4, the Lord promised Jacob, “I will go down to Egypt with you, and I will surely bring you back again.” So when Jacob asked Joseph to promise to carry his body out of Egypt and bury him in the field purchased by Abraham, he not only believed in that promise, he also believed in God’s promise to give the land of Canaan to all of his descendants. By making this request, it also meant at least some of his descendents would have to return to Canaan.

b. God’s promises to His people and to me personally, survive after me.

9. a. Three stages of Joseph’s famine relief policy:

  • First, the people bought food with money, so Pharaoh acquired all of their money.
  • Second, the people bought food with their livestock, so pharaoh acquired all of their livestock.
  • Third, the people bought food with their land and their bodies. Pharaoh now owned all of the land and the people became his slaves.

b. The people would have faced theft, violence, rioting, cannibalism, and starvation.

c. Joseph did not take the money, livestock, land, or slaves for himself. It all became the property of Pharaoh.

d. Given our profession, we have faced a famine of sorts for almost 10 years. We saw the approaching real estate bubble, but only God could have given us the wisdom to prepare for it. We are still in awe of the day He erased our debts. We have lived frugally before and since, but still find it amazing that we have managed comfortably with so little income. To God be all the glory!

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