BSF Matthew Lesson 1 Day 3

Day 3

5.   a.

  • Jesus — the Greek form of Joshua which means “the Lord saves.” Matthew 1:21
  • Immanuel — It means “God with us”. Matthew 1:23


  • I was “saved” at the age of 5, but it took years for me to really grasp the truth of it. Before, I still felt guilt and condemnation. I finally understand the grace of God.
  • What a blessing that God isn’t just somewhere out there watching me. Since I answered His knock at the door of my heart, He has been with me — my friend, my comforter, my counselor, my redeemer. He will NEVER leave me nor forsake me.

6.   a. Saved…

  • is the opposite of condemned. John 3:17
  • requires us to believe that Jesus is the promised Redeemer. John 8:24
  • are His sheep, and they listen to His voice. John 10:14-16
  • can be found through no other way but Jesus. Acts 4:12
  • comes through believing in our heart and confessing with our mouths. Romans 10:9
  • resurrects us through the free gift of grace. Ephesians 2:5–8


  • Freedom from guilt and condemnation
  • I now wear a garment that is whiter than snow.
  • My hope, my strength, my very life is in Christ.
  • My eternal home is being prepared for me.




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