BSF Matthew Lesson 10 Day 5, Day 6

Study of  Matthew 9:27-34 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

12.  a.  Son of David

b.  Old Testament prophecies related to the blind men’s requests:

  • Isaiah 35:4–6—The Old Testament prophecy says that God will come (in the form of the Messiah) and heal the blind, the deaf, the crippled, and the mute. They had faith that Jesus was able.
  • Jeremiah 23:5–6—The blind men called Jesus the Son of David. The prophecy in Jeremiah says God will raise up for David a righteous branch who will do what is right and just. Jesus did indeed have mercy on them per their request in fulfillment of the prophecy. They had faith that Jesus was the one sent by God.

c.  Financial provision, wisdom, and healing for a family member who has suffered much at the hands of physicians and yet grown worse.

13.  a.  There are several possible reasons why Jesus asked the previously blind men to remain silent:

  • His movement and ministry reach could be hampered by multitudes seeking to see miracles.
  • When the temple leadership heard about the multitudes, they were likely to interfere rather than embrace Him. This could (and possibly did) shorten His time of ministry.
  • Signs and wonder seekers may have been less likely to focus on the real reason God sent His Son. Although, the reason for the miracles was to prove He was the Son of God in fulfillment of prophesies.

b.  I think the men did not obey because they were so excited about what happened.

The miracle they experienced also likely boosted their own egos. They were no longer beggars, beholden to others for handouts and to help them find their way.

A few years ago, a friend of ours was completely healed of color-blindness. When he described his amazement at seeing the world in living color for the first time, it caused me to realize how much I take sight for granted.

I can only imagine deliverance from total darkness.

I wonder about the difficulty of keeping this miracle quiet. Wouldn’t others recognize them? If someone asked, “How is it you are no longer blind?”, what should they answer?

Apparently, they made no attempt to obey.

14.  a.  Similarities between the paralytic and the mute, demon-possessed man:

  • Both were brought to Jesus by others.
  • The faith of others rather than the sick and oppressed was apparent to Jesus.
  • The ordinary people were amazed and awestruck.
  • Rather than rejoice, the Pharisees and scribes questioned Jesus’ authority.

 b.  See above.

c.  There are entire blogs devoted to heresy hunting. They regularly discount signs, wonders, and miracles as of the devil rather than looking at the fruit. The devil seeks to kill, steal, and destroy. He also endeavors to deceive, so we must test the spirits, know the word, and rely on the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth.

I seek to know the Father and His ways. Jesus did what He saw the Father doing. If I know Him, I should also discern the difference between good and bad fruit.

d.  I used to have a lack of boldness. Now I am bold, but often don’t know what to say. I ask the Lord for the Spirit to give me words of life to share with others.

Jesus knew the hearts of others and knew exactly what to say. The Spirit in me knows the hearts of others and can quicken me.

Since this is my desire, I believe it is happening even when I am unaware. The language of God’s love isn’t just verbal. Saying the right words doesn’t always convey love. Sometimes it conveys manipulation and control. Like a bad salesman.

Day 6

15. I’m reminded the importance of my own faith in seeing others healed.

I’m also reminded to bring others to Jesus in prayer.

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