BSF Matthew Lesson 11 Day 4 Part 2

10.  a.  Specific actions and attitudes we should have:

  • Be on our guard. Matthew 10:17
  • Don’t worry about what you will say or how you will answer. Matthew 10:19
  • Stand firm to the end. Matthew 10:22
  • Don’t be afraid of teachers or masters or those who can only kill the body. Matthew 10:26-31

b.  Challenge: What are the concealed or hidden things?—

  • Short answer—the truth
  • Long answer—
  • the truth about their accusers—Their private sins hidden behind their pious facades.
  • the truth and fall of institutional Judaism. Genealogy records were no longer kept. The money changing and other activities would cease.
  • the truth about Jesus, the Messiah. The lies told about Him in court would be revealed as untruths.
  • No longer would demons and the healed be told to remain silent.
  • the truth about the persecuted and accused. They were lied about and brought to court on trumped-up charges.
  • I think this is also about prophesy and continued revelation. Paul and others received previously hidden revelation about the prophecies fulfilled during Jesus’ lifetime. They also had ongoing revelation about the kingdom of God. After the Holy Spirit came, He led them into much truth. He gave them gifts of prophecy, and words of knowledge of things to come.

c.  We are in a time of escalating animosity toward Christianity. Television programs mocking believers have sprung up such as Good Christian Bitches. Others promote immorality and glorify witchcraft and the demonic. Buddhist, Hindu, and Eastern religious practices like yoga, transcendental meditation, healing crystals, etc. are now more acceptable and even promoted by the entertainment industry. Islam, an oppressive and legalistic religion, is even being promoted in public schools.

I’m thankful for organizations such as One Million Moms who fight to clean up the trash in today’s media with email campaigns and ACLJ who defends believers’ freedom when they are unfairly accused.

A popular saying, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing,” seems appropriate during these times.

For this reason, we must be on our guard, and stand firm until the end.


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