BSF Matthew Lesson 13 Day 1

1.  Excerpts from my lecture notes:

  • In the face of increasing opposition, Jesus speaks of rest.
  • Jesus doesn’t want us to struggle with stress or doubt.
  • John the Baptist had doubt because he like the other Old Testament prophets expected judgment. While John languished in prison, he heard Jesus and His followers were dining with tax collectors and other sinners.
  • John was the greatest born of women, but in the future, those born of the Spirit of God, would be greater than all of those who lived before.
  • Those who are indifferent or reject Jesus outright will face judgment.
  • Jesus invites all who are struggling under the burden of sin (and/or feel like they have the weight of the world on their shoulders) to come to Him.
  • Trying to live up to the Christian “image” is also a burden.
  • The “yoke” Jesus places on us is easy and light.
  • Rest from legalism..its rules, its retaliation…relief!
  • The rabbis had 39 categories of work.
  • The original intent of the law was to learn wisdom.
  • The Pharisees plotted to kill Jesus because He claimed to be Lord of the Sabbath.
  • Sabbath, circumcision, dietary rules were their three distinguishing characteristics.
  • Obedience isn’t about following rules. It’s about relationship with God.
  • Don’t just obey laws. Show love and mercy.
  • Jesus is savior, judge, and God’s son.
  • Strongman—Satan
  • His house—world of unbelievers
  • Jesus came to plunder the house of Satan
  • Satan’s tactics are to use lies to turn others away from God.
  • Jesus accused the Pharisees of committing an unpardonable sin because they attributed His miraculous power to Beelzebub.
  • The Pharisees asked for a sign even after seeing miracles.
  • Jesus gives victory over Satan and rest from doubt when we know the truth.


  • John’s confusion was the result of not realizing the prophecies about the Messiah spoke of two different “comings.”
  • Like John, we should take our doubts and questions directly to Jesus. Love that!
  • We must avoid falling away because God’s plan differs from our expectations.
  • We can trust Jesus to adjust our yoke in life to our destiny and purpose. The visual I got when reading about how the yoke for oxen fit on two, not just one, is really helping me.
  • To this day, many are content with only an outwardly restored life.


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