BSF Matthew Lesson 13 Day 3

Study of Matthew 13:1-23 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

7.  Distractions, temptations, busyness—whatever it takes. The evil one knows our weaknesses. Many, like the Pharisees, become hypocrites. They find fault in others and never humble themselves before God.

8.  a.  My ex-husband was zealous for the Lord for a short season. Unfortunately for me, I met and married him during that time.

He became obsessed with working and making money. To him, family and relationships were distractions and aggravation.  Ultimately, he attained his financial goals at the cost of his relationships and his health.

b.  Challenge—I can determine the soil type by my reaction time.  How long does it take before I I turn to Jesus and His word? How do I respond when I’m tempted to worry? And what path do I follow when I’m tempted? 

I have given in to temptation and followed wrong paths from time to time.  But never so far that I was unaware of that still small voice of the Good Shepherd. I always—sometimes sooner, sometimes later—looked to Jesus and His word for direction. I remind myself He is Jehovah Jireh, my provider, Jehovah Rapha, my physician and healer, my banner, my deliverer, my comforter, my father, my shepherd, my friend, my creator, my Lord, my savior, my instructor, my guide, my career planner, my source, my wise counselor…

I’m so thankful He is full of grace and mercy.

c.  Personal—I think generally good soil. I’m more vigilant about weed control these days. My own desires don’t pose as great a temptation as they once did.

For that, I’m thankful.

I could use some rain. Send some rain, Lord! Send a river or a bubbling underground spring into this desert place or transplant me, if necessary.  If it’s my own negligence in some area, show me.


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