BSF Matthew Lesson 13 Day 5

12.  In the parable of the weeds—

a.  Two sowers—

  • The Son of Man sowed the good seeds.
  • The Devil sowed the weed seeds.

b.  Good seed—subjects of the kingdom of God

c.  The field—the world

d.  The weeds—subjects of the Devil

e.  The harvest—end of the age

f.  The harvesters—angels

13.  a.  The world and often the church don’t pay attention to the inch by inch advance of the weed growth. The entertainment industry through movies, television, and video games has been ideal plant food for weed growth. Their distracting and hypnotic effect have changed attitudes toward sexuality, lying, parenting, ethics, and numerous other areas.

b.  The farmer didn’t want to pull up the weeds because doing so would also uproot the good seeds.

c.  People are confused about what Christians believe because there are so many denominations and sects. The most visible and vocal are using the media. The media love to play up the bizarre, the scandals, the controversies, etc.

14.  At the end of the age, the weeds will be pulled up and burned in the fire.

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