BSF Matthew Lesson 14 Day 1

1. Lecture note highlights:

  • Only one out of four will respond to the gospel. (The lecturer didn’t mention the source of those numbers.)
  • While we have the responsibility to sow, the response is not under our control.
  • We recognize the counterfeit by knowing the real thing. (Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one of those pens (like the ones they use on paper money) for testing believers! ;-)

2.  Notes highlights:

  • Seed that falls on rocky soil—The explanation that shallow people show no trace of sorrow over sin and no repentance even though they may live an exemplary life was helpful.
  • Only turning our eyes on Jesus and seeking Him will weed out the love of earthly wealth and focus on worries. Self-discipline won’t work.
  • As an avid gardener, I found the details about darnel very interesting.
  • The concept of the hearer’s responsibility in the whole evangelism thing leads me to question my own reticence about sharing the gospel. Our (my) lack of success should not deter me at all. It isn’t about doing it perfectly. It’s about knowing Him and sharing the true savior, rather than a caricature.


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