BSF Matthew Lesson 14 Day 3 Part 2

Study of the parable of the pearl ~ My answers to BSF study questions

6.  Parable of the pearl —

a.  In Philippians 3:8, it seems the valuable pearl is knowing Jesus Christ. By comparison, everything else is garbage.

In Romans 8:32, it seems we are the pearl of great price.

b.   The merchant in scenario number one is the person who finds Jesus and experiences the new birth.

In scenario number two, the merchant is God.

c.  Selling everything to buy the pearl in scenario number one represents our former life and sin.

In scenario number two, God gave up, sacrificed, His only Son to secure our cleansing from sin and death.

d.  I’ve never considered scenario number two. I’m overwhelmed by the idea of being the flawless pearl, all because of the cleansing blood of Jesus.

7.  I wonder if Jesus explained all of the parables to the disciples. When they questioned Him earlier, He did. Either way, Matthew under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit did not include the interpretation. I believe Jesus wants us to ask Him questions. It is part of asking, seeking and knocking. If we have the desire to know Him, we will seek for the answers.

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