BSF Matthew Lesson 14 Day 4

8.  Parable of the net —

a.  The net — the gospel message

b.  The good fish — Christians/believers

c.  The bad fish — hypocrites

d.  The fishermen — Jesus and anyone else who shares and spreads the gospel

e.  The two outcomes for the two types of fish — The good fish were plucked out of the net and kept. The bad fish were discarded.

9.  a.  In each example, there is a gathering together of the good and bad at the end of the age. The good and bad will be separated. The bad will be discarded.

b.  I think Jesus gave more than one example to emphasize the importance.

c.  I’m prone to worrying about whether or not I’m a hypocrite or the real deal. The accuser of the brethren has a lot of helpers among the “brethren.” I grew up under a lot of condemnation. I kind of feel like the wording in this question falls into that category. Or maybe it’s just me. Anyone else feel that way?


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2 thoughts on “BSF Matthew Lesson 14 Day 4

  1. No, it isn’t just you. So glad I found your postings about your BSF study. Have been doing BSF for 4 years, and find their questions to be continually more condemning and narrowly focused. Some previous studies (esp John) allowed me to feel that I was opening myself to Christ’s’ and the Hoy Spirit’s truths, while this study of Matthew has felt like I’m learning in a funnel. Really don’t enjoy being pushed to someone else’s conclusions. Truly, one of my favorite parts of studying Matthew has been reading your posts and seeing how your GOOD HEART reacts to these lessons. Thank-you so much for sharing.