BSF Matthew Lesson 15 Day 4

10.  a.  After Jesus sent everyone away, He went up the mountain to pray alone. He was there late into the night.

b.  Jesus perceived that in their exuberance, the crowd wanted to force Him to be their King.

11.  a.  Right off the bat I got stumped on this one. In the question, are they defining “day” as midnight to midnight or sundown to sundown? The latter is the Biblical definition. Are chapters 12 and 13 the same day as chapter 14? Chapter 14 in the NIV begins with “at that time.” In NASB, the footnote says the Greek word used here can also be translated as “occasion.” Other versions say “about that time” or “at that season.”

  • The apostles returned from their outreach mission and gathered around Jesus to report to Him where they had been, what they had taught, and the outcome.
  • Because of the crowds and distractions, Jesus suggested they go away on a little retreat. They went to a remote place by boat.
  • Word got around, and the crowds were already there waiting for them.
  • Jesus’ heart broke for them and spent the day ministering to their needs.
  • In the evening, the disciples suggested sending the crowds away to find food and shelter.
  • Jesus told the disciples to feed them.
  • Jesus prayed over the five loaves of bread and the two fish. The disciples handed out the food to over 5000 people and miraculously they had food left over.
  • Afterward, Jesus sent the disciples to Bethsaida by boat.

Technically, the following day…

  • Jesus climbed the mountain to pray alone.
  • About four o’clock in the morning, Jesus saw the disciples struggling to row the boat against the wind.
  • Jesus walked on the water and scared the wits out of them.
  • Jesus calmed them down and got into the boat. Immediately, the winds were calm and they reached their destination.

b.  While Jesus was on earth, He was both divine and human. His relationship with the Father predated His brief time on earth. Jesus depended on the Father to show Him what to do. This is a difficult concept for my mind to grasp. Jesus’ prayer life seems to be both a necessity and pleasure. As a human, Jesus wrestled with things His flesh found it difficult to face. “Christ’s continual submission to His heavenly Father was empowered and kept focused through His prayer life.” Read more:

c.  Jesus might have thanked His Father for the co-laborers God had given Him and for their reports, the crowds who were drawn to Him, multiplying a meal for one to feed over five thousand, and the miracles.

He also might have prayed for Herod and His household, because we should pray for those who persecute us. And for John’s disciples that they would not lose heart and fall away.

Jesus might have asked that His followers would come to understand the Father’s purpose in sending Him. (They wanted an earthly king. People haven’t changed much over the years.)

Jesus might have asked for more laborers to shepherd the lost multitudes, strength and wisdom for His disciples and for Himself, guidance and provision for the following day, He might have prayed that all would come to know and understand how great His love is for us.

d.  I thank You, Father, for healing my son at age two when the doctors said he would not survive.

I thank You for healing the woman at Wal-Mart last month.

I thank You for all of the healing miracles we have witnessed in our family in the past year.

I thank You for Your daily provision for all our needs.

Thank You for all the suffering and pain you endured by allowing Your only Son, Jesus, to take all of our sin and all of our diseases with Him to the cross. I thank Jesus for suffering that torment and seeing You forsake Him so that You will never leave us nor forsake us.

I ask You, Father, to send laborers into the lives of all my family members, including future generations. You know their hearts even now and what it will take to reach them.

Bring healing and restoration to the lives of those reading these words right now. Send laborers to minister to them. Let them know that You are there.

Let us be effective co-laborers to our family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, and strangers who cross our paths.

May we be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving may we let our requests be made known to You, God…so that YOUR peace, which surpasses ALL comprehension, will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus. (Adapted from Philippians 4:6–7)


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