BSF Matthew Lesson 15 Day 5 Day 6

12.  a.  The disciples were in the will of God when the storm came. Various versions of Matthew 14:22 say Jesus “constrained, made, insisted, had, and compelled” the disciples to get into the boat and go to the other side ahead of Him.
Verse 23 says, “After He had dismissed them…” Mark 6:45 also employs the same Greek word as Matthew 14:22.

Update: The disciples did allow fear to take hold. Since they knew Jesus sent them and had future plans for them, they should have trusted that He would protect them. I’m sure I would have reacted the same way, though.

b.  It’s comforting to know that Jesus was aware of their situation. Now that Jesus is no longer constrained by an earthly body, and we are seated with Him in heavenly places, we have the same authority that He has!

13.  a.  Peter believed that if Jesus asked him to come, it would be possible.

b.  When Peter took his eyes off Jesus, distracted by the threatening situation, he went from faith to fear.

c.  Jesus immediately responded with compassion to Peter’s cry for help by extending His miracle-working hand. Then Jesus cautioned Peter against doubting. What a great lesson for all of us!

d.  It is encouraging to know—even when we lapse into doubt, Jesus is there to prevent us from drowning if we cry out for Him. So I’m crying out right now. I’ve been dealing with an adversarial business transaction. I was walking on the water, so to speak. (Not in a miraculous way. In my own strength, I suppose.)

Until this afternoon. I became SO angry. Not fearful. Angry. My stomach is still in a knot.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband decided to meet their demands in what I considered to be an overly generous way. I thought the situation would get worse. And it has. These people have only become MORE demanding and impossible to satisfy. 

Jesus, may I get out of this boat? Anywhere else looks better at the moment.

Not sure if this relates to the question or not. Certainly was personal, though.

14.  a.  The wind “died down.” Several other versions say it “stopped” or “ceased.”

b.  They were completely astonished. They also immediately arrived at their destination. There are several other instances of people being translated—Philip after he baptized the Ethiopian eunuch is another. So awesome.

c.  Jesus changes and can turn off the switch in threatening situations. The knot in my stomach is beginning to dissolve. Thank You!

Day 6

15.  Finding time and privacy to slip away for prayer, soul-searching, and seeking for wisdom and guidance is a definite prayer request and goal. I can’t very well send my elderly dad and work-from-home husband out on a boat. (They would be trying to throw each other overboard in no time at all.) Interruptions and distractions abound. I’ve been seeking for wisdom to cope for the sake of my own inner peace.

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