BSF Matthew Lesson 16 Day 2

3.  a.  “Neglecting the commandment of God, you hold to the tradition of men.” Mark 7:8

b.  Jesus pointed out an example of how the Pharisees allowed individuals to disobey God’s word by creating a loophole. It just so happens, the loophole enriches the temple coffers, directly benefiting the Pharisees who were priests.

Jesus said that this and many other examples proved the Pharisees held their own traditions in higher regard than God’s commands.

4.  a.  The obligation to care for aging parents who are poor takes precedence over all other obligations. There should be no loophole that allows someone the freedom to let their parents starve.

b.  Avoid those who push their traditions, programs, and institutions instead of doing what pleases God. Isaiah 58:6-9 comes to mind.

5.  a.  The thing that comes to mind is how most American institutional churches operate.  The bulk of offerings and fund-drives provide for buildings, parking lots, staff salaries, and facility electric bills. Big contributors are courted and pandered.

This is completely opposite of the New Testament church. Their first priority was treating each other as family and meeting each others’ needs. They met together in homes where the family atmosphere flourished.

b.  I’m in danger of honoring God with my lips when I’m impressed by, believe in, and follow after things that don’t impress God.

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