BSF Matthew Lesson 18 Day 5

Study of Matthew 17:22-27 Bible Study Fellowship Answers to Study Questions

10.  a.  Peter, James and John were present at the transfiguration. They saw and overheard some of the conversation between Jesus, Elijah, and Moses concerning the events to come.

b.  The disciples were overcome with grief. They are no longer in denial about Jesus’ death.

c.  Their grief indicates the disciples were focused on Jesus’ suffering and death and not on His resurrection and purpose. They saw a victim instead of a victory.

d.  I think this question could go in both a good or bad outcome. There are times we are grief-stricken and times we are elated because we fail to fully understand Gods’ purpose.

It reminds me of the children’s book That’s Good, That’s Bad. There are other stories and skits with the same basic premise: What looks like good news turns out to be bad news. And what looks like bad news, turns out to be good news.

For example, someone wins an expensive car and later has a fatal crash while driving it.

I’ve wondered about this because I’ve often given God thanks for an answered prayer when the end result is far from desirable. 

It has caused me to evaluate my prayer list. I should seek the Lord about how and what to pray when I see a problem.

Has anyone else been pondering this? If you have come across any good resources that deal with this, I would love to hear.

13.  a.  Interestingly, that I’ve read that verse umpteen times and never wondered where the tax originated. If I had to a wager a guess, I would have said it originated in the era just before Jesus’ time on earth.

According to the passages in Exodus, it was a census tax that began when the Israelites left Egypt. Like most taxes, it never ended. Jesus questions its validity, but pays it anyway.

b.  The first thing Jesus taught us is that He picks His battles. Although He regularly offended the religious leaders, He chose not to this time.

Secondly, “the Lord didn’t just create this money. It was in the sea. The Lord had a fish swallow it and then had that specific fish jump on Peter’s line to get the coin to him. The Lord always has a way to get provision to us.” Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary.


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