BSF Matthew Lesson 2, Day 3



  • When Naomi and Ruth returned to Israel, the place they went was Bethlehem. Jesus’ parents also returned to Bethlehem prior to His birth.
  • Ruth gave birth to David’s grandfather in Bethlehem. Jesus’ was born in Bethlehem.
  • David was a shepherd. Jesus is the good shepherd. His sheep know His voice.
  • The Lord told Samuel not to consider Eliab’s appearance because He looks at the heart. Jesus

b. Verses quoted in Matthew 2:9–18

6.  a.  Jesus was often confronted by the Pharisees who asked him questions intended to cause him to incriminate himself. Jesus outwitted them every time, leaving them infuriated.

b.  Atheists fight to remove prayer and any references to Jesus from schools and other public places and activities. They also still ask questions trying to trip us up. The mere mention of Jesus has become politically incorrect.

c.   A verbally abusive spouse

7.  a.  The Magi observed the sign and somehow its meaning was revealed to them. They were drawn to search for the baby in order to worship him. They traveled some distance and upon arrival in Jerusalem, they caused quite a stir with their inquiries. As they continued to seek, the star began to move again. They followed it until it stopped. “They were overjoyed.” When they found him, they fell down and worshiped him. Then they gave him the gifts they had brought.

b.  In addition to the regular hour or more I spend in Bible study and prayer in the morning, I’ve recently been making an effort to take sacred pauses during the day. I read a book by that name that offered a number of small ways to draw near to the heart of God. One not mentioned was the posture of the Magi when they worshiped. I haven’t fallen on my face before him in some time, and I need to. I also plan to worship him in song more frequently.

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