BSF Matthew Lesson 20 Day 2

Study of Matthew 19:1-9 My answers to BSF study questions.

4.  Jesus relayed God’s original purpose for creating male and female and how they would become one flesh.  He said it was God who joined them together and no one should separate them.

5.  a.  The penalty for adultery was death. If that sentence was carried out, a divorce decree was unnecessary. Allowing a man to divorce an adulterous wife meant she was extended mercy and allowed to live.

b.  Moses allowed divorce because they had hard hearts. They were focused on carnal rather than spiritual matters. Jesus points out that this was not in accord with God’s initial plan which only allowed dissolution of a marriage on the grounds of adultery.

c.  Hardness of heart prevents us from seeking and understanding God’s ways. Even the disciples who spent days, weeks, months and perhaps years with Jesus still suffered from this heart condition. We must ask, seek and knock—pressing in to break free of this mindset.

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