BSF Matthew Lesson 22 Day 2

Study of Matthew 21:18-22 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

3.  a.  When Jesus saw that the fig tree had no fruit he said, “May you never bear fruit again!”

b. The fig tree withered immediately.

c.  The fig tree should have had fruit because it already had leaves. So its outward appearance was deceptive. Likewise, the religious hypocrites looked and acted righteous, but their hearts were intent on gaining wealth and power.

4.  a.  Jesus assured His disciples they could even command a mountain to throw itself into the ocean, and it would happen IF they had faith without doubt. He said this principle also applies to prayer—if they believe, they will receive whatever they ask.

b.  Jesus took this opportunity to remind them why forgiving others is so important. 

c.  I’m feeling convicted of doubting and focusing on the wind and the waves. Some obstacles seem insurmountable now. Instead of feeling intimidated and powerless, I need to cast them into the ocean! I will be doing that as soon as I hit publish on this post.

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