BSF Matthew Lesson 26 Day 2

Study of Matthew 26:1-16; Mark 14:3-9; John 12:1-11 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

Scripture references for Lesson 26 Day 2

3.  Ways Mary’s extravagant display of affection toward Jesus challenges me—

  • Mary was bold enough to ignore social convention, criticism, and harsh rebuke by entering the room where the men were dining. Mark 14:3
  • Jesus greatly valued Mary’s love and devotion. He defended her actions when the disciples were critical. Matthew 26:8-9 
  • In fact, Jesus immortalized Mary’s act of worship. Matthew 26:13
  • Mary was, perhaps unknowingly, inspired by the Holy Spirit to perform a prophetic act, preparing Jesus for burial. Matthew 26:12
  • Mary’s love for Jesus dwarfed concern for her own financial future. Matthew 26:9 

4.  a.  Judas comment revealed what he truly valued. His greed caused him to focus on the value of the perfume rather than admiring Mary’s devotion and adoration. In fact, some of the other disciples seemed to agree with him.

b.  This price was prophesied over 400 years earlier by Zechariah.

Thirty pieces of silver was the standard price for an average slave.  (Andrew Wommack Living Commentary) Exodus 21:32

5.  a.  Mary’s prophetic act was also an act of worship. The Messiah was God with us for such a short time. Mary’s devotion stands out even when compared to the disciples. 

b.  So-called “good things” don’t necessarily tempt me. Procrastination is more of an issue. Also, a lack of time alone limits my focus for Bible study, worship, and intense prayer. I still do Bible study, but I constantly battle interruptions. I often find it necessary to stay up after others are in bed. I’m setting up a more private work-space in an upper room with my electronic piano. I’m hopeful it will allow me some quiet(er) time.

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