BSF Matthew Lesson 28 Day 3

Study of Matthew 27:34-50 ~ My answers to BSF study questions

5.  Jesus refused the drug-laced drink so that nothing would dull His senses. He fully endured the punishment, pain, and suffering we deserve.

Jesus also refused the drug to avoid clouding His thoughts or awareness. In His last moments He promised one of thieves a place in Paradise.

The second time Jesus was offered a drink, He accepted it because it did not contain the drug.

6.  a.  The four soldiers who crucified Jesus divided His articles of clothing four ways. Since His tunic was seamless, they cast lots for it rather than tear it.

This detail fulfills a very specific word of prophecy in Psalm 22:18—one of the most convincing proofs of who Jesus was. (Andrew Wommack Living Commentary)

b.  Spiritual significance of Christ’s nakedness on the cross:

  • Nakedness added additional humiliation to this form of execution. Jesus was not given special treatment. He bore all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual pain and suffering of the cross on behalf of our sin.
  • Jesus became like us when He took on all our sin and sickness. We have nothing and can do nothing of ourselves that isn’t filthy rags by comparison.
  • Entering into God’s kingdom requires us to wear a robe of righteousness provided at the time of our new birth.
  • Those who attend the wedding feast of the Lamb must wear special garments provided by our heavenly host.
  • Jesus is our bridegroom, so He must be dressed appropriately as well.
  • Jesus was soon to be resurrected in His heavenly, glorified body. His shining garment would soon be restored.

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