BSF Matthew Lesson 28 Day 5 Day 6

Study of Matthew 27:51-66 ~ My answers to study questions

9.  a.  Only the high priest entered the inner room, and that only once a year

b.  When entering the Holy of Holies, the high priest must take “a sacrifice of blood with him, which he offers for himself and for the errors and sins of ignorance and thoughtlessness which the people have committed.” Hebrews 9:7 AMP

c.  At the exact moment Jesus died, God tore the veil from top to bottom. It was torn because sin no longer created a separation between God and man. The blood shed by Jesus provided the sacrifice once and for all.  “Jesus tore the veil, that is to say His flesh (Hebrews 10:20) in two and opened up a new way to God through Himself.” Andrew Wommack Living Commentary

10.  a.  When the Roman Centurion saw the following, he said, “surely he was the Son of God.”

  • earthquake
  • rocks splitting
  • tombs opening
  • the previously dead coming back to life and going into the city
  • sixty to ninety foot curtain in the temple ripped from top to bottom

I struggle to understand how the enemies of Jesus weren’t impacted by the events that took place that day. Why weren’t they terrified?

b.  Those who loved Jesus who were present when He died…

  • Many women
  • His mother Mary
  • His mother’s sister
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Mary the mother of James and Joseph (may be the same as Mary, wife of Cleopas listed in John 19:25)
  • The mother of Zebedee’s sons

11.  a.  Joseph of Arimathea risked his position in the Sanhedrin, the supreme council of Judaism, by boldly approaching Pilate for the body of Jesus.

He was previously a secret disciple of Jesus for fear of the Jews. Now, at a time more dangerous than ever, he came forward.

Nicodemus, the Pharisee who previously came to Jesus one night (John 3) accompanied Joseph and together they prepared Jesus’ body for a proper burial. They both risked their status and perhaps endangered their lives by doing so. John 19:39-42

b.  Jesus’ burial

  • Two religious leaders made all the necessary provisions at risk to their own lives and reputations.
  • Joseph provided the tomb he had prepared for himself.
  • The women who cared for Jesus were conspicuously present at the cross and the tomb.
  • The disciples were conspicuously missing from the cross and the tomb.

c.  The chief priests and Pharisees went to Pilate to request he authorize measures to secure the tomb. They were aware of Jesus’ prophesy that He would rise from the dead.

They claim to be concerned the disciples and followers would fake His resurrection. Perhaps they were already aware of the resurrections that took place at the moment of Jesus death. They must have been shaken up by what happened to the temple curtain, the eclipse, and the earthquake.

It’s amazing that the enemies of Jesus remembered His prophecies about His resurrection, but Jesus’ own followers did not. Andrew Wommack Living Commentary

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