BSF Matthew Lesson 4 Day 1

1. One reason Jesus was baptized was to identify with sinners. It was also a picture of our identification with His coming death, burial, and resurrection.

She also stated emphatically, “every believer receives the Holy Spirit at the same time of salvation.” Acts 19:2–6 If so, why did Paul ask the disciples he found in Ephesus, “Did you receive the Holy Spirit when (can also be translated as after) you believed?” Clearly they had not. They did receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit when Paul laid his hands on them, “and they spoke with tongues and prophesied.” There are other instances where this experience is identified as separate and distinct.

I realize this is one of those topics we are supposed to steer clear of in BSF. I find it interesting that this was stated so emphatically (without further explanation) in the lecture even though it wasn’t even part of our lesson.

2. I can’t say I found anything in particular that stood out to me as applicable. One thing that I hoped to see addressed was the incident where Jesus stayed behind in Jerusalem. I’ve always wondered why his behavior is not considered sinful. Is it because he was considered an adult at age 12?

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