BSF Matthew Lesson 5 Day 1

1. Things I highlighted in my notes from the lecture:

  • Following God’s word is the way out of temptation.

  • Satan is not the opposite of God. He had a beginning and will have an end.

  • We should never say God is tempting us.

  • God tests us for our good.

  • We assume our immediate physical (or emotional) need is the most important thing at the moment.

  • Temptation #1— to act independently of God

  • Temptation #2— God’s love and power put to the test. Making a demand on God.

  • Temptation #3— Satan asks Jesus – worship me

  • Self will is Satan’s will—Tragedy follows

  • Know the enemy—know his tactics

  • Jesus audibly verbalized the word of God. That was His weapon.

  • Don’t make God’s word so confusing that you miss the message.


  • The notes say that the terms “dragon,” “serpent” and “leviathan” used in scripture to describe Satan are metaphors only and are not descriptive. Is it possible he transformed himself into those forms?

  • I never thought much about how well Jesus knew the people of Nazareth. I always thought about it the other way around—they knew him as the carpenter’s son. It’s hard to imagine living in a small village where everyone knew each other that well.

  • Satan’s ultimate purpose in tempting Jesus was to thwart God’s plan for His life. However, I don’t think Satan really knew the plan.

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