BSF Matthew Lesson 7 Day 1

1.  Of greatest interest to me in the lecture were the tidbits about how the Pharisees embellished the law. They redefined “work” saying no one could carry anything that weighed more than a fig of the sabbath. Also, on the day before the sabbath, people sometimes placed stools along the way, so they could take the mandatory rest before continuing.

That reminds me of the “malfunctioning” elevator at our hotel in Israel. I thought it was broken because it stopped briefly at every floor. It was merely resting because of the laws governing behavior on the sabbath.

I also appreciated “anger does not always lead to sin.”  Smoldering anger that has no desire for reconciliation is sinful.

2. This past week, I found myself assessing my motives and attitudes. I also thought about past temptations and failures. Thankfully, I know I’m forgiven.

The hardest thing for me to read are the words of Jesus regarding divorce. Even though my divorce was due to many years of abuse, I did remarry. Every time I read or hear those verses, I once again start “shoulding” on myself. The notes have some comforting and admonishing words about forgiving oneself.

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