BSF Matthew Lesson 7 Day 5

12.  a. Don’t worry about…

  • our life

  • what we will eat

  • what we will drink

  • what we will wear

  • tomorrow

b. We shouldn’t worry because…

  • if God feeds the birds who don’t lift a “finger” to grow sunflowers, start a worm farm, or stash food away for the winter, He will take care of us. Matthew 6:26

  • if God clothes the flowers and grass who don’t lift a petal or leaf to make or purchase anything, He will make sure we don’t have to go around naked. Matthew 6:28-30

  • worrying won’t add one hour to our life. (On the contrary, it might subtract.) Matthew 6:27

  • if we seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, He will provide all of the other things we need. Matthew 6:33

  • God knows what we need. Matthew 6:32

  • tomorrow will worry about itself.  Matthew 6:34 (I never really thought about that before. A very curious thing—tomorrow worrying…)

c.  I often get more annoyed than worried about clothing, because I dislike shopping. And it is difficult to find anything age-appropriate in my size.

These days, we mostly need money to purchase the things we need. I don’t often worry about money, but I do worry about my husband worrying about money. If that makes sense.

I do worry about other things not on the list…like the health and salvation of my family. I hope that falls under the category of things we need.



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