BSF Matthew Lesson 9 Day 1

1.  Lecture notes on Matthew 7

God gives wisdom in relationships Matthew 7:1–12

  • In judging—Be humble and look within ourselves first. We are often guilty of the behaviors that bother us the most in others. Condemning others is elevating ourselves above them. Restore others gently. What is my priority? Their speck or their spiritual growth?

  • In discerning—God provides discernment to those who ask.

  • In praying—Where am I NOT asking because I think I have it covered? Am I persevering? Or growing weary?

God gives wisdom in life Matthew 7:13–29

  • Two ways—two gates and two roads

  • The narrow way is restrictive. We can only go through alone. We encounter opposition and persecution. It leads to life.

  • The wide way allows us to take others with us. We can take our baggage. It leads to destruction.

  • Two trees—Good trees bear good fruit. Bad trees bear bad fruit.

  • Two builders—Both houses look great. But one is built on a solid foundation. The other is not.

What am I building my life on?

True wisdom is evidenced by inward obedience, not outward appearance.

2.  Judging → condemning & being hypercritical. Being critical and self-righteous clouds spiritual vision.

Still not convinced that ask, seek, knock represent three stages of intensity in prayer. I’m still pondering this. We can persist in asking, seeking, and knocking.

I am encouraged to persevere more fervently than I have been recently. I am convicted of growing weary in many areas of my prayer life.


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