BSF Matthew Lesson 9 Day 5 Day 6

12.  Jesus calms the storm

a.  Jesus was asleep. No doubt He was physically exhausted.

b.  Good, merciful, gracious, loving, ever-present Emanuel, all-powerful omnipotence, sovereign, and transcendent (not like us).

c.  The disciples feared for their lives. If they truly believed in the destiny of Jesus and their own calling as His followers, they would not have been afraid. Jesus had already commended the centurion for his faith and understanding of authority. They had the same authority to calm the storm.

d.  We have commanded real storms “peace, be still” on several occasions. Several months ago we received am emergency tornado warning specific to our location. We sat in our hallway and commanded the tornado to dissipate. Thankfully, it was a non-event.

13.  Demon-possessed man

  • a.  They lived where the dead were buried.
  • They terrorized anyone who came to that area.
  • They had super-human strength. No chains could hold them.
  • They shrieked and screamed night and day, cutting and bruising themselves.
  • They bowed down at the feet of Jesus, calling Him the Son of God. They (the demons) begged Him not to torment them.

b.  Jesus came to destroy the power of death and fear of it caused by the devil. People were afraid of these demon-possessed men. When Jesus showed up, they cowered and begged for mercy. The men were set free from the power that had tormented them and nearly destroyed them.

c.  I don’t understand why Jesus granted the demons’ request. And after the demons caused the pigs to drown, then where did they go? Back into the same men? I hope the men Jesus set free followed after Jesus rather than returning to the town full of people who rejected Him.

d.  The people begged Jesus to leave their region. They were raising pigs, an unclean animal. They were more concerned about making money, it seems. After the townsfolk rejected Jesus, those 2000 demons may have had a field day with them. Not a good place to move.

Which leads me to wonder about some countries, cities, and neighborhoods where crime, debauchery, lewd and perverse behavior run rampant.

This was the first time I noticed the demons begged Jesus not to make them leave the region. They seem to have been on assignment.

e.  I thought of this incident of violence against believers that occurred in San Francisco in 2008.

Day 6

14.  We are constantly tempted to get into fear and worry. The entertainment and media industries know it sells, so they bombard us with thoughts and images. I’m reminded how proactive I must be to renew my mind and keep it focused on good things.

And remember that Jesus gave us power and authority by means of the Holy Spirit within. We don’t have to put up with all the stuff we put up with. We are the head and not the tail.

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