The Giant and The Little Old Lady

It happened one Sunday morning at a church in a neighboring city. I had only been there twice before—once about 35 years ago and last year to attend a funeral. That morning, my husband made an off-hand, last-minute comment about visiting the church his brother’s family attends. We arrived just in time for the service. Instead of […]

Angels Singing Rural Chinese Church

Angels Singing in Rural Chinese Worship Service! This is a totally different kind of angel incident, but with a similar message and no less powerful. In May of 1995 I received this most electrifying report from a friend who has been a missionary to China for several years. To protect him and his contacts in China, […]

How to Diagnose Dementia

This is how Dad made his bed one morning. My brother has a little apartment on the grounds of his home and business. Our 83-year-old dad loves staying there when he visits. It’s a bit “rustic,” but it suits him just fine. Dad had a stroke five years ago which left him with some mental challenges. He jokes that he […]

The thing that you’re supposed to do with your life, your calling, isn’t some brand new thing waiting “out there” for you to discover it. It’s something you’ve already done, something old and neglected that you’re probably taking for granted.

Simply put, our greatest assets are the things we tend to overlook and ignore. So in the mundane, lies the extraordinary.

Jeff Goins