DAB May 20 2014 Journal

My thoughts on today’s Daily Audio Bible reading—

1 Samuel 26–28 David spares Saul’s life—again

  • David once again pays a visit to Saul while he is asleep.
  • David once again spares Saul’s life.
  • Again, no one woke up, because the Lord had put them into a deep sleep. The same Hebrew word is used in Genesis when God put Adam into a deep sleep to remove his rib.*
  • David still calls Saul the Lord’s anointed even though he himself was anointed king by Samuel years before. (Saul died about thirteen years after David was anointed king.)*
  • David is a man after God’s own heart. He resists taking matters into his own hands.
  • David prays that the Lord would value his life and deliver him from all trouble because he valued the life of Saul. 1 Samuel 26:24
  • Still, David expects to die at the hands of Saul. 1 Samuel 27:1
  • Saul is frustrated because the Lord no longer answers his questions through prophets or through dreams.
  • Whereas Saul once purged the land of spiritists and mediums, he now takes matters into his own hands by going to a medium.
  • It is interesting and curious to me that Samuel is “brought up” out of the earth.
  • As soon as the witch sees Samuel, she knows who he is and that Saul is the man who came to her.
  • Samuel (not the witch) prophesies Saul’s death and the Philistine’s conquest of Israel.
  • Rather than humble himself before God, Saul falls to the ground in fear.
  • Does Saul truly fear God? If he does, would he have gone to a medium in the first place? He most certainly fears his own death.

John 11:1-54

Something I never noticed before—Was Lazarus already dead when Jesus received the message he was sick?

In John 11:6, Jesus delayed two days after receiving word. John 10:40 says Jesus was in the place John baptized in the early days. That location was beyond the Jordan, about twenty-five miles away.**

When Jesus arrived in Bethany, He is told Lazarus died four days earlier. In doing further research, I discovered that although Jesus’ location is not in dispute, the location of Bethany is.

There are two possible ways to understand the sequence of events that follow, depending on whether one believes the Bethany where Jesus is staying is in the south or the north. If Bethany is in the south, as most scholars believe, then it would take the messengers one day to reach Jesus and one day for Jesus to reach Lazarus. Since Jesus stayed put for two days and Lazarus has been dead for four days when Jesus does arrive, that means Lazarus must have died on the same day as the messengers set out (cf. Barrett 1978:391). If Bethany is a reference to Batanea in the north the timing would be different. It takes four days to travel from Batanea to where Lazarus is. Since Jesus arrives when Lazarus has been dead for four days, Jesus had waited until Lazarus died before he set out. In either case the two-day delay does not cause the death of Lazarus, since Jesus could not have gotten to him before he died, either because he was dead before the messengers arrived with their message (southern view) or because Jesus would only be halfway there (northern view). In either case the two-day delay does, however, insure that Lazarus will have been dead for four days when Jesus arrives. Link to reference

*According to Andrew Wommack’s Living Commentary

**Jamieson-Fausset-Brown Bible Commentary

I love this quote from Brian Hardin at the end of his reading today:

God isn’t particularly interested that we get the model perfect…of the layers that have been heaped on Him over the years. What He’s actually interested in is an actual, living, breathing, personal relationship. An activity FOR God or just the science or the study OF God—that’s not a relationship WITH God.

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