Dance With Me Part 2

The song Dance With Me continues. It isn’t at all like the time How Much is that Doggie in the Window got stuck in my head.
The Lord knows dance is significant to me. I’ve admired beautiful dance since I was a child. I was inspired by a scene on television in which a ballerina was dancing in the moonlight, wearing a long, flowing dress.
From that moment on, I longed to express myself through dance. That desire was discouraged due to my dad’s affiliation with a denomination that sided with Michal.
Day 2 From my journal:
Lord, I love that You’ve been singing, Dance With Me for two days and nights.
Today I realized You wanted me to actually Dance. With. You. As a time of intimate worship.


As I hold You close, I slowly sway to music only my spirit hears. To anyone else, it would appear my arms are just crossed over my heart. I know differently.


I’m Speaking sweet words in my heavenly language into your ear.
Feeling Your love wash over me.
Confessing my recent lack of intimate time with You.
I longed for it but it was due to my negligence—not Yours.


Oh, the weight of Your glory.
Your love leaves me weak.
It envelops and saturates my bones.
Every nerve and every muscle feel at once engaged and at rest.


I melt in your peace.
Now, I turn to lean back against You and just breathe.
I feel Your heart beat.
Your love is so real.
Nothing on earth compares.


I can hear some faint sounds of a car and voices wafting in through the window. It feels as though we are in another dimension away from time and earthly concerns.


Truly, I am not of this world.
You are my world.
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation.


Day 3 
The singing continues. The phrase I want to be your partner has taken on new meaning. Previously, I only thought of it as a dance partner. Yesterday, I understood You meant You want to be my partner in the writing and other tasks You have called me to do.
With You as my partner, all things are possible. I believe! Help me banish any unbelief.


Be my coach in every area of my life. You know me better than I even know myself. Help me not to be driven by self-preservation, self promotion, or self-gratification.


Thank You for every gift You have given me.



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