Dream of Being Trapped in an Underwater Chamber

I was on a mission.

In the mountains at first, then deep underwater.

The most vivid scene was inside a small, underwater chamber.

It was adequately lit (as with gas lanterns) and sparsely furnished.

Several people – no one I recognized – were sitting in chairs around a table.

None of us wore scuba gear. Yet, only I was aware I would soon exhaust my unseen air supply.

Communicating with someone above the water, I said, “It’s hopeless. There is no way to do what I was sent to do.”

I had been there 2 weeks. I was exhausted and told my contact, “I am prepared to die here.”

I saw no way out.

Strangely, the others seemed quite content – relaxing around the table.

Trapped in this underwater dungeon.

No sense of danger or need.

Why were they here?

Why didn’t they want to leave?

Was it complacency perhaps? Or ignorance?

I handed a man my weapon – a gun – and asked him to shoot me.

He readily pulled the trigger, but the shell merely rolled out of the gun, drifting to the floor.

I took the gun, reloaded, and asked him to try again.

He obliged, but it still would not fire correctly.

Suddenly, an angel appeared in an doorway that did not exist a moment before.

Light streamed in behind him.

He extended his hand, and said, “come! I was sent to lead you out.”

I took his hand without hesitation and without so much as a glance at the others. (So I don’t know if they saw what happened, nor do I know if they reacted to my departure.)

Immediately, I was on the water’s surface.

July 2010

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One thought on “Dream of Being Trapped in an Underwater Chamber

  1. This dream was 2 1/2 years ago (2010). I typed up the post at that time but just recently hit publish.

    At the time of the dream, I knew what it meant. I was wondering about a situation that was going on at the church I was attending.

    I knew I was not handling a particular situation very well, but I didn’t know what to do. Admittedly, I was reacting to the situation more than I was trusting God.

    The dream confirmed the way I felt – I felt trapped and suffocated. We have been back to that church a few times, but I didn’t sense in any way, that I was wrong about leaving.

    I still have questions about the situation.

    It’s interesting that God-inspired dreams and visions are so imprinted in my brain, it’s like I never forget any detail. I can “walk around” and “look around” in the scene.