Gift of Tongues Testimony

Toward the end of the ministry time at the service two nights ago, two women were praying for each other in the back of the sanctuary – a sweet, elderly woman from NC who regularly attends our services and another woman from Kenya, Africa who has attended several times.

The woman from NC began to pray in tongues. After several minutes, the woman from Kenya began to speak back to her.

The woman from NC asked in English, “Do you understand my tongues?”

The woman from Kenya responded in English saying, “Yes, you have been speaking to me in perfect Swahili (her native language) for several minutes.” The woman from Kenya thought this sweet lady from NC actually knew Swahil!

The woman from NC asked, “What was I saying?”

The woman from Kenya answered her, “You have been praying word for word the prayers I have been praying to the Lord with my husband today!”

Needless to say, all of us were greatly encouraged. Especially the woman from Kenya.

She and her husband were in the US attending classes at a local Bible college learning how to better serve in their nation and spread the gospel upon their return.

The Gift of Tongues is not dead. We saw Acts 2 come alive.

All the gifts are alive and well and being manifested through those who believe!

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