Hear the Angels Sing

On Billye Brim’s recent radio broadcast, she mentioned a website that hosts several verified recordings of angel’s singing. The website also has stories about the appearance angels. I know we don’t worship angels nor put undue emphasis on them, but glimpses into the spiritual realm certainly pique my interest.

I read a good book entitled Angels by Charles Capps. It goes through the various Biblical accounts of angels and provides some interesting insights.

The author devotes several chapters to the importance of what we say in the presence of angels (and we are always in their presence.)

He says that the angels are listening to us. He points out that Jesus warned us to let our yes be yes and our no be no – anything more comes from the evil one. (Matthew 5:37) Later in Matthew (12:34-37) He says we have to give an account for all of our idle words. The author of the book says that in the Greek text the word “idle” means “non-working.”

According Paul, the words (of faith) are in our mouth first and then in our heart (Romans 10:8.) That is how the kingdom of God is developed or torn down within us. If we consistently say, “nothing ever works out for me” or “I’ll never have anything” those words get down inside our heart (spirit) and our spirit works day and night to bring those words (beliefs) to pass.

Skipping ahead a bit…
We are also given the power of binding (declaring to be unlawful) and loosing (declaring to be lawful) but it must be according to what is already loosed in heaven. (Matthew 16:19 Amplified Bible)

Some angels are assigned to minister to us and assist us, he says. They cannot act on words that are not in agreement with the will of God. They hearken to the words of God whether they come from our mouth or from the mouth of God.

The author has an interesting view of Hebrews 2:3 – a familiar verse which says, “How shall we escape, if we neglect so great a salvation?” The word salvation means preservation, healing, soundness and deliverance from temporal evils. The context of this phrase is a discussion of the ministry of angels.

The following chapter in Angels is the converse of putting the ministering angels to work for us. The author points out that we can provoke our angels. An angel was assigned to escort the Israelites from Egypt into the promised land. God warned Israel to obey the angel and not to provoke him. God also said the angel would not forgive them if they disobeyed. Because the people complained, most of them died in the desert. That certainly makes me think!

While I’m aware that my words have gotten me in hot water plenty of times with family and friends, I’m only beginning to understand the significance of my tongue (and virtual pen.)

Now back to the hearing the angels sing. In every case, the angels began to sing when the people sang. It certainly isn’t a stretch to assume they are singing with us any time we are singing praises to God. Last year, one of the times I was aware of an angel was during a worship service. My hands were raised as I was singing, and I began to sway and move my arms. I had my eyes closed, and I “saw” an angel behind me mirroring my movements – or perhaps I was mirroring the angel.

It certainly brings an even greater significance to our words and our times of worship when we realize that there are trillions of angels listening and participating.

Updated 6/7/08

Found this more recent recording of angels singing – the first clip is a description of the event by the producer.

Here is the recording – the angels’ singing occurs at 3:16 and 5:37, according to the producers.

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4 thoughts on “Hear the Angels Sing

  1. I am currently trying to process through something that happened yesterday. I visited a church that only had 6 members attending in addition to me. As three of the six got on stage and began singing, I closed my eyes and began singing along to the familiar song. I generally worship with my eyes closed, so it is not unusual for me to note that someone walked past me, just feeling the wind or rustling of their movement. Around the middle of the song, I began to hear more and more voices joining in behind me and felt the presence of people entering the church. I just assumed that they were late people. At the end of the song I turned to see these people who were singing so beautifully. No one was there. I thought, “weird…” but oh well. The next song started and I had the same sensation, only by now the church seemed full of voices singing. At the end of the song I turned and looked and there were no people. I saw that there was a stereo system on the stage, so I rationalized that they must be playing back up singers and sound tracks to augment the sound. This made me feel better, so I joined with the “sound track” and had an amazing time worshiping. Several times I had the thought that I was singing with the saints that had gone before me, but dismissed it with the “sound track” idea. I had to leave early, so I didnt get to ask anyone about it, but the pastor’s daughter is my roommate’s girlfriend, so when she came to my house later, I asked her about the back up singers. She looked at me strangely and said that there was none, I must have been hearing some acoustical anomaly or something… but I know I felt the presence of people and acoustic anomaly or not… I heard in excess of 30 voices coming from behind me. Did I hear angels and saints?? No one else had the same sensation.

  2. I googled angels singing as I thought I heardthem last night, late laying in bed. Very very faint, but I heard them

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  4. I to have heard Angels singing with our worship team ,it was in 2008 I was at music practice one evening at the church I attended and sang at ,some of the girls where singing out of tune ,so I went to the mixing desk to see if I could massage the sound to make the singer sound better I turned this knob and that one but nothing worked the singer still sounded flat .So I asked God to help me with the sound when I looked back to the stage all the singer had stopped singing and had entered into worshiping God That night the presents of God fell upon everyone in the room One of the singer started to sing her voice changed to sweet and peaceful I could hear voices coming from behind all the girls that where on the stage the same girls who’s voices just minutes earlier I had trying to change them .Everyone started singing in the most beautiful voices I had ever heard one by one the singer voices changed to beautiful in harmony with each other and the voice of Angels standing behind them I heard Angels singing with the girls there was a chorus of high pitched female voices coming from behind the singers later that night after worship had finished we spoke about the Angels singing with us most of the singer heard the Angels. That night should me that when we sing to God from or heart it doesn’t matter if we are the greatest or the worse singer in the world God just loves to hear us praising him with our voice in song or in just talking to him he’s the Master that fine tunes our voice to love and worship him .