Chords Lyrics In the Presence of Angels by Roy Fields

Powerful song from Lakeland Outpouring.

Roy’s CDs are available online, including “In the Presence of Angels” which is one of the most popular songs written or sung by Roy Fields.

It’s still my favorite song. I can’t play it on the piano without being overwhelmed by the glory.

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Chords and lyrics – The chord progression for Em (which is the key I prefer) is Em7, Bm7, D, A

(Sorry if the formatting causes the chords to display over the wrong words.) 


This is a realm of your glory


This is a realm of your grace


I can feel your mighty power


It is moving in this place

In the presence of angels

With God’s glory on the wings

Like the voice of many waters

I can hear the angels sing

Cm7——–Gm7 Bb—-F

Singing Ho—ly, Ho—ly


Ho—ly, Ho—ly


Ho—ly, Ho—ly


Ho—ly, Ho—ly * Repeat using “Worthy,” and “Glory”


La da da La da da La da da La da da

Cm7—–Gm7—–Bb —–F

La da da, La da da, La da da, La da da

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7 thoughts on “Chords Lyrics In the Presence of Angels by Roy Fields

  1. la sociedad dice que una ves adicto a las drogas siempre sera adicto pero jesus dice´´ýo soy el camino y la verdad y la verdad los hara libres´´ CLAMOR EN EL BARRIO .. ps luis angel les saluda y les manda multitudes de bendiciones a todos los q lean este mensaje habacuc 2´´.3 aunque la vision tardare esperala sin duda llegara jesuschrist amennnnnn

  2. monterrey mexico solo entendi gloria y honrra al rey JESUCRISTO no spek inglis pero CRISTO VIVE CASA DE RESCATE ESCOBEDO N L MEXICO en la presencia de los angeles

  3. I love when he sings this song with Todd praying in the back…its…whoaaaa so heavy!

  4. I was at the Florida Outporing, and man I stayed for about a whole week down the and I wanted to stay for a whole year!!! But I love the way God uses Roy and in his music, it touches me, a lot!!! My favorite song is Presence of Angles!!! Love it a lot!!!!