John Lesson 17 Day 3 Acts of Service

Study of John 13:12-17

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John 13:12-17 and Philippians 2:1-10

5. Jesus, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords humbled Himself.

As a way to show hospitality, the Jews had a servant wash the feet of their guests. Jesus took on the humble role of a slave when He washed His disciple’s feet.

If we don’t follow this example of Jesus and serve, instead of being served, we are making ourselves greater than Him. If people understood this, there would be no such things as dictators and manipulators in church leadership. Andrew Wommack

6.  a.  Acts of service

Serving comes naturally to me. I notice what needs to be done and usually don’t mind pitching in. I don’t say that to boast because I often hope I receive a pat on the back.

However, I do mind escorting my elderly Dad to his church.

First, it’s a long drive.

Second, he dresses inappropriately since his dementia has progressed. He won’t wear the clothes chosen for him and instead wears old, stained, mismatched ones. Oddly, he still notices men and women who are nicely dressed.

Thirdly, he get’s excited and doesn’t watch his step as we make our way in and out of the building. He’s fallen twice (without injury, thankfully), but he makes me nervous. It’s a difficult undertaking.

Perhaps that’s okay. Just because it’s truly a sacrifice and I’m aware of the sacrifice, does that mean I’m not being humble? And I’m being selfish? I know I wish I was better at it and had a better attitude.

b.  Blessings for acts of service

Dad still thanks me for taking him. And I’m thankful he is still able to go and enjoy it so much.

I believe we will be surprised by our works that go up in smoke and the ones that don’t—the things that seemed too insignificant to notice. Many acts of service go unnoticed and are taken for granted. I pray that among my “works”, many are gold, silver and precious jewels and few merely wood, hay or straw. (1 Corinthians 3:12)

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