John Lesson 3 Day 2

Study of John 2:1-12 ~BSF John Lesson 3 Day 2

3 a. The wedding at Cana of Galilee

Jesus traveled two days and arrived at Galilee on the third day. His new disciples journeyed with him.

There was a wedding in Cana.  (Nathaniel was from Cana of Galilee (see John 21:2.) Jesus, His mother, and His new four or five disciples were invited. It must have been the wedding of a family member or very close friend. (“Some of the ancients have thought that this was the marriage of John the evangelist, who is supposed to have been a near relative of our Lord.” Adam Clarke)

Jewish wedding feasts lasted seven days at that time. During this celebration, the hosts ran out of wine.

One consideration is that of honor. In those days, family honor was of vital importance. Weddings usually lasted for seven days, during which time food and wine supplied by the bride’s and groom’s families flowed freely. To run out of either implied a thoughtless or impoverished host. Running out of wine would bring dishonor upon the family name. As a personal favor, Mary turned to her divine Son for help. Her family was about to be shamed in the community, and she knew her Son could do something about it. Source

b. Jesus’ mother was concerned about the hosts’ situation.

But Jesus asked, “What has this concern of yours to do with me?” (HCSB) He knew it wasn’t time to demonstrate His power and identity.

Mary must have mentioned this concern to Jesus because she believed He could and would do something about itThis is why I should take my concerns to Him. He honored her desire to help the hosts who were likely members of their family.

Mary told the servants, “do whatever He tells you.”

Likewise, when I pray about a situation, I should be obedient to follow the Holy Spirit’s instructions.

4 Jesus revealed

  • Grace: “The first miracle of the Law-giver, Moses, was to turn a rod into a serpent. The first miracle of the grace-giver was to turn water into wine.” Andrew Wommack
  • Jesus honored His mother. (Ephesians 6:2)
  • Miracles glorify Jesus. (See also John 11:4 and John 14:13)
  • Wine is one of the elements of communion representing the blood of Jesus. (Matthew 26:27)
  • The wedding guests were family and friends of Jesus. (Matthew 22:1-14 Parable of the Wedding Feast) (Revelation 19:6-9 Marriage Feast of the Lamb)
  • Jesus created not only real wine, He created the best wine. He does all things well. (Mark 7:37)
  • There was plenty of wine for everyone. (Messianic prophecy Jeremiah 31:12)
  • Jesus honored the covenant of marriage by attending and performing a miracle there. (Hebrews 13:4)

5 Jesus manifested His glory.

This was the first miraculous sign of Jesus’ ministry. It displayed His identity as the Son of God.

Glory in the New Testament means splendor, radiance, and majesty centered in Jesus.

Jesus displayed His glory in an everyday event. He is interested in showing up and demonstrating His glory in my everyday life, too.

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