Dave Fitzgerald, Catherine Mullins, and Andrew Phillips

Wow! A m a z i n g worship on July 25th! Thanks to God.TV and their on-demand feature we can watch it again and again to our heart’s content!

Dave Fitzgerald led with plenty of help from Andrew Phillips and Catherine Mullins. The synergy was electric.

If two can put ten thousand to flight, what can three do?

Eduardo, one of the security guys, danced across the platform twice. John and Carol Arnott introduced him on July 17th. They prayed for him on a previous visit, and he hasn’t been the same since – in a good way. The second time I saw him dancing, he fell out under the power. He then got up and started “laying hands” on the prayer requests. Catherine danced all over them as Andrew and Dave continued to worship.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…WOW!

Behind the scenes videos…

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One thought on “Dave Fitzgerald, Catherine Mullins, and Andrew Phillips

  1. I agree I saw that meeting on God tv and i could feel the anointing through the tv. I believe Eli miller called it the most powerful worship yet and he wasn’t wrong!