Obedience, Intercession, and Faithfulness

Sunday morning’s service was amazing.  We haven’t been in a service like that in quite a few years.  I think it was a result of several things:

Obedience – The pastor delivered a difficult message that he was certain the Lord told Him to deliver.  He received confirmation twice.  He also fasted the day before.

Sister G, the intercessor, arrived early – even before the worship team.

We have held regular prayer meetings – usually twice a week.

Pastor prayed for the musicians after the service was dismissed.  He had a word for me –

The Lord is going to give you what you have believed for and desired for a long time because of your faithfulness.  The windows of heaven are open.  (Not the exact words, but that’s what I remember.)

I’m overwhelmed with thanksgiving.  I had a similar word about a year ago.  All in God’s time.  He’s never late (or early.)

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