Proverbs 31 Woman

proverbs 31

Proverbs 31 fascinates, inspires, convicts,

…and exhausts me.

Since many of the details seem archaic in our culture, what follows is my attempt to break them down into the qualities, activities, and values represented in the passage.

She is priceless.

She is trustworthy and brings prosperity and blessing to her husband.

She has a positive attitude about her work.

She doesn’t regularly sleep in. She isn’t lazy.

She is an employer who empowers her family and staff. She cooks breakfast for everyone.

She invests in real estate.

She is an entrepreneur.

She is diligent, energetic, and strong.

Her work is high quality, and she doesn’t mind working late.

She looks for ways to serve others—she is compassionate and generous.

She is confident and fearless because she prepares well.

She sees to it that her family dresses well.

She is a creative decorator.

She dresses beautifully.

She brings honor to her husband.

She is a producer/manufacturer and a wholesaler.

She is resilient and honorable.

She doesn’t worry (fear) about the future.

She teaches others with words of wisdom.

She is not self-absorbed.

She is astute and diligent.

She is praise-worthy and well-respected.

She is God-fearing.

Her beauty is more than skin-deep.

She is successful and honored, not only in her own home, but others take notice as well.

Based on Proverbs 31

Photo Public Domain via Pixabay

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