Sorry for the delay. Lesson 15 is on the way.

At least I hope I can finish it soon.

I apologize for the delay in posting Lesson 15. I am working on it in bits and pieces.

We’ve had an insane week with two sick pets refusing to eat or drink, a (still) broken furnace, abnormally cold temps, and Dad crazier than usual.

Very tough to focus.

Please pray things…I started to say “return to normal”, but I hope and pray they get MUCH better than normal.

I’m out of ideas. God is my only hope.

Our very kind and knowledgeable HVAC guy has replaced every single part twice and the furnace still doesn’t work. He’s been here for several hours four days in a row.

Thankfully, temps are finally above freezing outside. Monday, he will try to get the factory tech to come take a look.



P.S. Got a much-needed chuckle when I realized the working-title rhymes. So I’m leaving it as is.


UPDATE: 1/17/15

Our furnace is working. I no longer look like the Michelin man from wearing so many layers. My hands and feet have thawed nicely.

However, two days ago, I got up to water dripping from the kitchen ceiling. The same ceiling we replaced two years ago. Something happened with the condensation drain line.

Not sure why that made me laugh. But it did.

I’m not laughing now. Return to sanity perhaps?

Yesterday, the HVAC guy stopped the leak temporarily. Expecting his van to pull up again this morning.

I feel sorry for him because he has been here seven times in the last ten days.

I feel sorrier for us. He isn’t charging us anything, but I would rather pay someone to get it done right the first time.

Our two 9-month-old cats seem fine now. Except one threw up first thing this morning. So, we’ll see.

We hoped the cats* would provide some much-needed companionship for Dad. So far they mostly run from him.

I’m extremely grateful to everyone who expressed concern and to especially all those who’ve prayed. I always need and appreciate prayer.


*Hubby thinks dogs are too high maintenance. He also thought two cats was a good idea. One to wake us up simultaneously at 3:00 AM(?)


Comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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8 thoughts on “Sorry for the delay. Lesson 15 is on the way.

  1. I just heard about your heat and sick animals. Thank you for sharing and being real. It is such a blessing to me. Your insight into this Bible study has been so encouraging to me. Thank you!

  2. Thank you so much for doing this. It is so helpful for me. I pray that GOD will bless you and your family[ including your dogs] and keep you well and warm.