Stages of Growth in Dance, Music, and Arts Ministry

Notes from teaching session led by Heather Clark

Stage 1: Beginning

  • The beginning stage is marked by excitement and enthusiasm.
  • Only faith and courage is required at this stage.
  • Getting free enough – overcoming self-consciousness and stage fright

Points of instruction needed at this stage:

  • Many churches are apprehensive or afraid when it comes to the arts.
  • Lay aside your own desires and serve the church – love and honor one another.
  • Consider the necessity of introducing the arts slowly.
  • Be cautious about inserting your own level of freedom. Prophetic and artistic people by nature want to push the boundaries.
  • If you walk in maturity, your pastor will be able to trust you and ultimately give you more freedom.

Stage 2: Growth

  • A holy dissatisfaction develops.
  • You begin to feel like you are bumping into the walls of a box. Beware of expecting someone to come and let you out of it.

Instruction needed at this stage:

  • Stay humble – realize you still have room to improve
  • You don’t have to be the best or published or professional, but you should try to improve your skills if you feel called in that area.
  • Professional training (lessons) in your area – dance, painting, voice lessons, guitar lessons, etc. Note: The only available training may be secular.
  • Do not get discouraged if progress seems slow. Watch for small breakthroughs.

Stage 3: Advancement

  • Producing art for the kingdom.
  • People see your painting, watch you dance, or listen to your music, and get healed or set free.

Instruction needed at this stage:

  • Initially the sword is so heavy it is in control of you.
  • Eventually you are in control of it and you wield it with authority.

Stage 4: Ruling and Reigning

  • A new renaissance is coming – one where Christian artists once again set the stage.
  • Christians are currently steps behind the world.

Each stage is valid.
Someone in stage one may be more faithful than someone in another stage.

Stay faithful to your calling.