Testimony of God’s Faithfulness to Heal

A friend of mine on FaceBook posted this testimony along with some comments.  I am posting it here with his permission.

By Ray Horton

Sometimes it’s nice to hear a good testimony, so I’ll share one that I’m excited to report.
First, let me share a wonderful thing that the Lord did to encourage Bernie soon after he was diagnosed with cancer last July. The revival at Lakeland was going strong at the time, and a friend e-mailed a prayer request for Bernie’s healing. It so happened that it arrived for prayer on an unbelievably powerful evening, July 25, when the worship went on and on with spontaneous spiritual song interweaving between Catherine Mullins, Andrew Phillips and David Fitzgerald.

Then, as the worship progressed, a table was brought out with all the prayer requests stacked on top. As they were spontaneously singing in the Spirit “Your love is stronger than death” and “Death is no more” and “Death has lost its sting tonight,” over and over, a big Indian guy (don’t know his name), who was a secutiry guard there, came dancing across the stage and prophetically was jumping around the table and pounding on the prayer requests until the table was upset and the thousands of prayer request papers were strewn on the floor. Then, along comes Catherine Mullins, whom we all love for her vibrant, Holy Spirit worship, dancing across the stage and onto the prayer requests on the floor. She danced and danced over them in the Spirit, including ther prayer request for Bernie, as Steven Strader and other leaders that night prayed. Happily, we recorded that night on DVD.

I was telling friends about that night the next day, so we arranged an evening at friends and invited the people who had sent in the prayer request for Bernie, and Bernie and his wife Judy. Everyone at church loves Bernie. He’s a wonderful servant of the Lord and His people, and is full of faith. He and another faithful brother had put a roof on our home earlier that year, one of many roofs he and another retired friend, along with two teens put on for those with the need without charge, rounding up support to cover material costs. Obviously, the devil didn’t like Bernie, and tried to take him out.

When we played the DVD, Bernie and Judy were so excited. At one point, when someone said the devil was trying to have his way with Bernie, he jumped up shaking his fist at the devil and shouted “tough cookies” – he has no place – we win!

Then came a tough battle of almost a half year. Bernie lost weight and got weak. But he kept on coming out to church whenever he could. Everyone has been faithfully praying. Several weeks ago, Bernie collapsed at church and had to be carried out to an ambulance. But, we at ECF Church are a people of faith, and we prayed and believed for Bernie, and as it turned out, he had taken medicine on an empty stomach and his blood pressure dropped, causing the fainting.

Then, last Sunday – Glory – Bernie got up and shared a testimony of his healing, how the doctors could no longer find the cancer, and not to come back for 6 months. Good ol Bernie, when he got the mic, just wanted to preach about the goodness and faithfulness of the Lord, and pastor had to remind him to share the testimony too, he was so excited about Jesus.

I’d like to ask all of my FaceBook friends to pray for Bernie, that the devil wouldn’t get away with any of his sneaky tricks, and Bernie will maintain his full healing and have many good years to serve to the glory of God. I asked Bernie to e-mail me his testimony, and here it is (I’ll erase his e-mail address since I forgot to ask him if I could give it out):

From: Bernie
To: ray
Subject: Bernie – Testimony
Date: Jan 17, 2009 9:17 PM


Hi, I’m Bernie, and I want you to know that prayers work, and God is faithful to His Word. In July of 2008, I became very jaundiced (a bright yellow color) and had lost about 22 lbs. It was discovered that I had a plugged bile duct. A temporary stent was inserted and began to alleviate the problem. However during the many tests and x-rays it was discovered that I had a tumor on the pancreas. An operation was scheduled to repair the bile duct and remove the tumor. As the operation proceeded it was found that the tumor was too involved and could not be removed. The bile duct was repaired and the stomach and liver were rerouted to the small intestine. The operating Doctor had samples of the tumor tested and found it to be a very rare type of cancer called plasmacytoma which normally attaches itself to the soft tissue in the throat area. The doctors in this area had never seen or ever worked with this type of cancer. It was suggested that I go to a cancer center for further treatment options.

By this time we realized the seriousness of the problem and requested prayer from every avenue we could. My wife, Judy, and I were concerned, but had perfect peace, and decided to go to our local cancer center to see what they would suggest. After many other tests and a bone marrow biopsy it was suggested that I have 28 radiation treatments. For about three days my peace and faith faltered. But the Lord being faithful to answer prayers, allowed us to proceed with the treatments and peace returned and faith began to soar as we received many call encouraging us with scriptures. As we studied the Word and read various materials based on His Word, we knew that the Lord had provided healing and that it was for me only to believe. We began to stand on many scriptures, but the one that really touched my heart was Ex 23:25 “…..I will take sickness away from the midst of thee”.

My last radiation treatment was the 2nd Monday of December. In early January I had blood work done which indicated a slight elevation in one area. Another blood test is scheduled for March. The doctor initially felt that a Pet Scan should be scheduled soon, but postponed it for 6 months because he believes that healing had taken place. PRAISE THE LORD!!!! Since December, I am regaining my strength, some weight, my appetite has returned, symptoms and pains are gone because our God is faithful to His Word — “……By His stripes ye were healed” 1 Peter 2:24.

I want to thank everyone who prayed and stood in agreement with us and gave encouragement during this time. But I especially want to thank Jesus for the victory that He won in every area of need.

Yours in and for Him,


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