Vision at Gil Howard-Browne Meeting


Gil Howard-Browne was holding a series of meetings at our church. His wife Loraine spoke this particular evening. As she laid hands on us, she prayed that our generations would be blessed. I fell out under the anointing. It got stronger the longer I was on the floor. When Gil started playing the piano, the anointing became even stronger.

Then I saw a vision. I saw my broken spirit. It looked like a very fragile piece of cellophane. I could tell it used to be an oval shape, but it was torn and had a jagged edge. I saw the missing pieces come floating in and join together so that it was whole again. I saw this hovering over my stomach.

I said, thank You Jesus, over and over. I prayed for wisdom, guidance, and understanding. At some point I became aware that Jesus was kneeling beside me to my left. The tears began to flow, and I continued to thank Him. I thanked Him for my sons and my house, although at the time my house didn’t seem that important.

I told Him I was worried about one of my sons and he comforted me but didn’t say anything. He was so patient and kind. He made me feel like he had all the time in the world to sit there with me. I told Him I loved Him and began kissing His hands. I wanted to kiss His feet, but it seemed as though I couldn’t move anything but my arms. (I was seeing all of this happen, but my physical body wasn’t engaged in anyway other than crying.)

It was a precious, precious time. I hope I never forget what He was like – the picture of love, mercy, patience, and forgiveness. I told Him I was so sorry for the wrong things I had done. He forgave me and said he would heal those memories. Then He looked right into my eyes and said, “I’m going to give you the desires of your heart.” I began to weep even harder.

I don’t know how long I stayed there, but eventually, the vision lifted.

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