Vision of God’s Throne

In the Presence of a Holy God

At early morning prayer in the dimly lit sanctuary, I simply wanted to sing and dance for my beloved.

His presence overwhelmed me, and I dropped to my knees singing In the Presence of a Holy God.

The line I’m so small, and frail and weak stood out, and the following encounter came to mind:

While worshiping at home, I saw myself (in my mind’s eye) standing at God’s feet. He sat on His throne.

I was only the height of His toe visible beneath the edge of His robe. Clouds obscured my view beyond that.

Looking up, I could see His fingertips curving over the arms of His throne.  Though I tried, I could see nothing but clouds beyond that.

Everything gleamed like polished alabaster–His skin, His robe, and His throne. His appearance resembled living, breathing stone. Very much alive.

Even though I could not see His face, and even though I felt so small and insignificant, I knew He saw me and took pleasure in the worship I offered for Him alone.

He knows. He sees. He is pleased with our worship.

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