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Off Grid Worship

Writing, Writing, and More Writing

I’ve been keeping a journal since I learned to write. While I was growing up, my journal was my best friend through our frequent moves. My confidant.
Writing helps me work through things, organize my thoughts, and get things off my chest without paying a therapist or boring my friends and family. Or saying something I’ll later regret. I also sometimes write my prayers, praise, and worship.

Online Web Log

In 2006, I set up my first blog with no particular plan in mind. What began as a prompting, evolved into a divine mandate. Other than school assignments, I didn’t allow anyone to read what I wrote. Clicking publish that first time required and still requires courage. Guts, even.
After a series of silly nonsense posts, I tentatively began blogging my spiritual journey.

Off Grid Worship is Born

During a revival about three years later, some amazing, unknown young worship leaders caught my eye and captured my heart.
I connected with an insider who kindly shared their contact information. Sometimes the musicians allowed me to share lyrics to their songs. I worked out the chords to a few and shared them on this site. I like to think I helped spread the word about their awesomeness.
As abruptly as that season began, it ended. I felt Holy Spirit said, “stop promoting people. Promote Me.” I stopped blogging altogether and became a full-time nanny for my soon-to-be-five grandchildren.

Bible Study Fellowship

Three years later (I detect a trend here) Holy Spirit nudged me to ask a family member about the Bible study she attended before she went to college. I found a BSF chapter that meets nearby and joined.
Holy Spirit prompted me to blog my answers to the study questions. I wrestled with the idea. “But it’s seven years! Do you mean ALL seven years?” (It’s now eight years. They added the study of Revelation.)
I realized it would be a lot of work, but I had no idea it would evolve into a full-blown Bible study with me doing more research. (I wrestled with that, too, since it’s vigorously discouraged among the leadership ranks.)
Never-the-less, today I spend at least 25 hours per week on each lesson. (I just typed years instead of hours. Twice.) It’s evolved into what feels like a full-time career.

To be continued

Over ten years later, I’m still blogging with several thousand views per day and growing. The website has outgrown the current web host. I’ve fretted about it and soon recognized that wasn’t a good idea. In fact, it was a bad idea. I heard a quote by someone confronted with an expensive God-project. I felt like it hit me squarely between the eyes. She said, “If it’s of God, it will pay for itself.” I’m holding onto that.
The journey continues. . . .

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