BSF Genesis Lesson 30 Day 5 Day 6

DAY 5:

13. By instructing his sons to bury him in the cave Abraham purchased for Sarah’s burial, Jacob demonstrated his faith in God’s promise to bring him back from Egypt.


  • Acts 20:35 – We will be more blessed by being diligent to give to others in need than by being diligent to receive from others.
  • Romans 4:7 – We are blessed by forgiveness of our sins. We appropriate God’s forgiveness by accepting the forgiveness provided by Jesus’ sacrifice.
  • Ephesians 1:3 – We have been blessed in the heavenly realm with every spiritual blessing if we are in Christ.
  • Titus 2:13 – We are waiting for the blessed promise of Jesus’ return.
  • James 1:12 – We are blessed when we persevere in times of testing and persecution.
  • 1 Peter 3:9 – We are blessed when we repay evil deeds with blessing.
  • Revelation 1:3 – We are blessed by reading the word – John’s prophecy recorded in the book of Revelation.

DAY 6:

15. Those who put the kingdom of God first and persevere even through trying circumstances are blessed.


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